Friday, November 24, 2006

The Solution to the Arab-Israeli Conflict

The solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict is simple. So simple in fact that it will never be implemented.Remember, you heard it here first.

Stop using oil. Stop using gasoline. Just say no!

See, the problems are solved.

Let me explain, although I’m certain you get it.

Who are the main perpetrators of terrorism today? Moslems.

Who are the main producers of oil today? Moslems.

Where do the terrorists get most of their money? From Moslems.

Where do these Moslems get most of their money? From oil.

The West is on a self-destruct mode. Every cup of oil you buy is another dozen bullets that are going to be used against you.

If oil was no longer a commodity that controlled the world’s economy, no longer needed to power the industrial nations and their vehicles, then money to thsee Moslems who own the oil would stop flowing; thus, the contributions of these Moslems, either overt or covert, to support terrorism would also stop. Without money the terrorists would be hard put to finance their attacks, supply their armies with weapons, fight to destroy Western Democratic values and societies.

Okay, that’s simplistic. I admit it.

Moslems who finance terror get their money in a variety of ways.
Some of the trouble in Iraq comes from the millions, or perhaps hundreds of millions, Saddam has reportedly squirreled away. According to the media, Saddam has given this money to people who are using it to foment revolution, to destroy the Iraqi regime put in place and protected, not very well it turns out, by the West.

Other money to finance terrorism comes from donations of Moslem businessmen and normal Moslem citizens in Western countries around the world. The media has reportedly widely on the Moslem “Charitable Organizations” that funnel money used to buy arms by Hezbollah and Hamas and Al Queda under the guise of supporting soup-kitchens, kindergartens, day-care centers, Mosques, and other social service activities. (The US has the Homeland Security Act to stop that, but mostly what they stop is normal law-abiding citizens from doing business.)

Moslems living in South America, in that infamous triangle where entire towns seem as if they’re transplanted from the Middle East, make these donations. So do nice middle-class businessmen from American towns and cities from Chicago, Detroit, New Jersey and Los Angeles.

The big money comes from nations like Iran, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, etc. The Wahabi brand of Islam is hard-line Moslem theology. No room for liberals. According to a BBC documentary Wahabism finances most of the Mosques springing up around the USA, and the rest of the Western world. The particular brand of Wahabi Islam preached in these mosques leaves no room for discussion. It’s their way or the highway.

Frequently the highway is dotted with roadside bombs, and even 57-year old grandmothers wearing explosive belts, like the woman who blew herself up at near an Israeli outpost along the Gaza/Israel border on Thursday.

Take away the oil, and who is going to pay Hamas? Who is going to provide the money to pay the bounty to families of suicide bombers for contributing human bombs to the righteous cause of Islamic Fundamentalism?

In Iraq, who is going to provide Al Sadr and his band of thugs with money? Salaries have to be paid to the soldiers so they can feed their families. No matter how idealistic, the food has to come from somewhere. The rent money has to come from somewhere. The arms suppliers have to be paid.

As of now it’s Iranian oil money paying these bills.
Cut off the oil and Iran would have to cut out supporting terrorism in Iraq, Gaza, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Argentina, Bali, Malaysia, India, Spain, etc. Iran would have to stop their nuclear weapons development projects. Would have to start looking for other ways to make a living, exporting goods and services instead of hatred, death and destruction.

What does ‘say no’ mean for the average citizen in the West? It means looking for alternatives to oil. It means really looking, not just talking about it. It means walking, or riding bikes, burning up those extra calories around the belly as fuel instead of oil. It means exploring the use of non-fossil fuels, like corn oil, methane, solar energy. It means fighting with the governments of the world to change their energy policies. It means tossing out the guys who have vested interests in keeping the oil business thriving.

How to do this?. Buy a fuel-efficient car, not a gas-guzzling SUV, which most people don’t need anyway. Buy a hybrid. Walk. Take public transportation. All wacky ideas, sure, but as the oil-producing nations keep squeezing the oil-consuming nations for higher payment, the ideas get less wacky. Oil experts are now talking about over $100 a barrel as the consumers are squeezed more and more. Remember, twenty years ago people thought it was wacky to quit smoking cigarettes.

Try to convince a suburban Rambo to give up his Hummer for a mini-compact. Try to explain to a housewife that a motor scooter is safer than a car in the long run, since one day when the Moslem fanatics take control she won’t be allowed to drive. Try sending representatives to the Senate and Congress who realize that their primary function is to find an alternative to oil, or soon there won’t be a Senate of Congress.

Sooner or later the choices won’t exist. The terrorists will have converted all that cash which the West is pouring into oil and bought whatever weapons they could to destroy the very people who buying the oil.. When that happens the oil won’t be important any longer. The Islamic Fundamentalists will have destroyed the West and taken over the world. And used your money to do it.