Thursday, June 18, 2009

Waves of Sunshine

An estimated one million people will protesting in Iran today. (Thursday Sept 18). My guess is the ayatollahs will be sitting on their cushions with butterflies in their stomachs worried that the crowds will turn on them, not just Achmadinejad, either politically or even physically. Could this unrest spiral up to the top and spin those leaders out of office resulting in a new election, a regime change, even replacing the mullahs with 'normal' people? Then the 'normal' people would put the mullahs on trial an hang them, much as the mullahs did to the Shah's people. Wouldn't that be a nice way to end the Iranian nuclear threat?

(Karma, eh? Krishnamurti once wrote that revolutions should be avoided since they only insured the revolutionaries would ultimately be replaced by yet another revolution.)

Rabbi Doctor Gershon Bacon, professor of Jewish History at Bar Ilan University, once observed that Islamic fundamentalism comes in waves, with peaks and valleys, and now we're in a peak.

Will that momentum continue or subside? Will the storm abate leaving the seas quiet or continue to build in force until it floods the world? The latter is a scary thought, so let's hope that these demonstrations in Iran are a glimmer of sunshine through the clouds, signs the storm is passing.