Monday, August 04, 2014

Tzuk Eytan (Protective Edge) Day 28

Almost all of the soldiers have been pulled out of Gaza.
Hamas is still sending in rockets, about 60 today.
And two terrorist attacks inside Israel, both in Jerusalem.
The driver of a huge tractor with a massive shovel attached to it swung the arm at a city bus and toppled it over crushing a passerby and injuring
several passengers. Luckily the bus was on its first stop and was nearly empty.
Policemen passing by rushed the driver and killed him before he could do any more damage.
An hour later a terrorist approached a soldiers' hitching station and opened fire, seriously wounding a soldier in the stomach. He was rushed to hospital, and the terrorist escaped.
A terrorist alert was just issued for Tel Aviv.
Hamas seems to be reverting to old ways. As you recall back in the 90's Hamas' favorite weapon was suicide bombs.
Meanwhile the world community is about to pounce on Israel for massive inhumane destruction of areas of Gaza.
New investigations seem to show that it was Hamas that exploded a bomb in the UN school, dragged in bodies, and then allowed in the press.
But even if true, and it probably is, that doesn't mean that the public will ever get the scene of the original carnage associated with and probably not even perpetrated by Israel out of their minds.
The soldier who rushed into the Gaza tunnel two days ago chasing after the terrorists ran nearly two kilometers before he turned back. He found enough evidence on the way to determine that 2nd Lt. Hadar Goldin was dead. He was buried yesterday.
So much for day 28, so far.