Monday, September 18, 2006

CORRECTION: Percentage of Moslems in Europe

We humbly apologize for the typo that slipped past our fact-checker. Europe is not thirty percent Moslem, but about 3 percent.

There are approximately 728 million people in Europe according to Wikipedia.

Wikipedia also contains the following: "In modern times, the overwhelming majority of religious Europeans are Christian, of which nearly half are Catholic; the second-largest religion in Europe is Islam, followed by Judaism. Europe also has the largest number and proportion of agnostics and atheists in the Western world."

Estimates are that between 15-20 million Moslems now live in Europe. Not thirty percent.

Five to Six million Moslems in France. About seven percent of France's population.
1 Million in Britain.
2 percent of Denmark is Moslem.

"...some forty percent of Muslims in Britain, when polled, say they would favor the imposition of sharia. The number of Moslems in Europe has doubled in the past decade. The birthrate among non-Muslims is sinking like lead. Islam is Europe’s most vital and fastest-growing religion. There are more worshippers in Britain’s mosques now than in the Church of England, and there are more practicing Moslems in France than there are baptized Catholics. The most popular name in French maternity wards is Mohammed. Within a generation, many European cities will have Moslem majorities. So if forty percent of these Moslems believe Islamic law should be imposed on Europe, this is obviously a cause for concern. Obvious to me, anyway. You would think it would be obvious to Europeans, as well." Dr. Claire Belinski (Author of "Menace in Europe: Why the Continent's Crises is America's, too.", Frontpage Magazine April 7, 2006

Some analysts have said that it's the non-religious market the Pope is aiming at.