Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Way of the World

Way of the World

Imagine if you will a blob shaped like a pear that suddenly rises out of the dark mud.

The blob divides, like an amoeba, and keeps dividing, as they form, merge, and reform as smaller object, they take on different colors.

Eventually they build blob houses, drive blob cars. All across the surface the blobs merge and change colors; some striped, some checked, some yellow, some red, some mixed red/yellow/check. Colors from all spectrum of the rainbow are visible on the blobs, as well as all imaginable combinations of patterns.

The checks and stripes in another. We pull back and see from above that the blob world is like a sphere. Some parts controlled by checks, some by stripes, some by yellow, some by red, or blue. All the colors of the rainbow appear somewhere on the sphere.

Waves of energy emanate from some people and affect a small group, here and there. All across the sphere subtle energy exists in groups, some bigger than others

In some places they are lead by a blob that gives off powerful waves of energy, attracting others to him. Each word shakes those nearby. The energy spreads wider and wider, covering a larger and larger part of his section of the sphere.

All across the sphere we can also see a few blobs with this energy, the waves spreading over the sphere, until they collide. Then those in the path crash into each other. Greens against Blues. Whites against Reds. Polka-dots against Stripes.

We see the energy pulsating in a section, clashing with other waves of energy, as those in it, say the reds and yellows, each encouraged by a separate energy force, fight each other over one section of the sphere. We see the checks and stripes fighting in another. Major and minor battles take place across the sphere.

But other sections of the sphere are filled with blobs, driving, building, working. Some push past others down the streets. Some blare their loud horns at smaller blobmobiles. Some leave small blobhomes for larger blobhomes, where they busy themselves painting, fixing, cleaning, cooking.

As we dolly back from these scenes on the sphere, farther and farther back so that the sphere is simply a dot in a sea of murky liquid, re realize we are looking into a Petri dish, used by a scientist peering at the sphere through a microscope.
His hand moves the dish and another sphere appears. We see hundreds, thousands, millions of little dots in the Petri dish.

As we dolly back even farther we see a huge warehouse of scientists, all busy at their microscopes and Petri dishes. Then we dolly back even farther. Pulls to see an entire industrial park filled with warehouses. We pulls out still farther and farther until we again see a sphere, farther still until we see that sphere become a dot amid other dots in an endless ocean,

We dolly out even farther to see yet another scientist looking through another microscope. As we dolly back farther and farther we yet another warehouse of scientists, in another industrial park, and as we pull back again the scene fades to black.