Sunday, November 18, 2012

Pillar of Defense Day 5: A New Idea

Listening to a former intelligence officer interviewed on Israel's Channel 1.
He said that Egyptian President is trying to broker a peace to show Obama and the
world he's a moderate and responsible leader.
The discussion turned to a ground invasion.
The officer echoed what most have said, not a good idea.
However, he then expanded his ideas, saying that should Israel
be forced to go in, because a cease-fire wasn't in the works, or
wasn't working, then Israel had to go all the way in, and depose Hamas, dismantle
their government and organization, and sit in Gaza as occupiers. However, he said
the solution was the PLO. If the PLO would return to Gaza to run the place then
Israel would be able to have a viable partner to help keep the peace. He said,
"It won't be easy. The PLO wouldn't want to go into Gaza on the bodies of
Palestinians killed by the IDF. It would take a long time. Months would pass.
But ultimately the PLO would be able to run Gaza as they are running the W. Bank.
Of course the PLO is running the W. Bank with the IDF's help. Perhaps that's
what he meant.
Meanwhile over 70 rockets fell today. A few direct hits on buildings.
Damage to property. Injury to people.
Perhaps this former intelligence officer's idea isn't so far-fetched.

This while a siren sounds for the second time today in Tel Aviv. Live footage of the Hamas rocket met and destroyed
by the Iron Dome missile.