Monday, November 19, 2012

Pillar of Defense Day 6: The Longbow

If Israel can neutralize the threat of rockets then Hamas and Hezbollah become non-entities. The Iron Dome works, but so far only five batteries exist. Experts say that Israel needs about 23 of them to cover the whole country. Now that the system has proved itself money will pour in to build more systems, quickly.

So,like the long bow that changed the course of warfare when the English began to use it, the Iron Dome will change the course of warfare against mice like Hezbollah and Hamas who continue to attack the elephant next door.

The Iron Dome, according to experts, has allowed Israel the leisure to strike from the air while neutralizing the attacks from the rockets. The Iron Dome destroyed about 350 missiles launched at Israel out of over 1000.

This ground-breaking system detects a missile launch, calculates if the missile will land in an open area or a population center, and only then launches a rocket against the Hamas missile. Only about 13 percent of the Hamas rockets launched have struck Israel, and then ususally the residents have taken shelter.

The Iron Dome has allowed Israel to post-pone attacking on the ground, a bloody, messy, and extremely dangerous operation.

Neutralizing the only weapon Hamas has will neutralize Hamas. Any one who can bring about this state of affairs is doing Israel a favor, if they know it or not. This applies to any and all of the diplomats and world-leaders, UN mediators, or Arab emissaries, who are trying to help negotiate a cease-fire, something that both Israel and Hamas want.

Of course the world is unfair. Israel is defending herself against terrorist attacks and has pushed Syrian atrocities off the front pages. Collateral damage, however unwanted and horrible, from Israeli air strikes are only a minuscule fraction of the casualties and deaths occurring daily in Syria. But them's the breaks. Israel is held to a higher standard. Why? Go figure.