Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Post-Election Thoughts

Obama made a good acceptance speech. Charles Krauthammer  said that
the talk of revising the Republican orientation was misguided. Romney, he felt, almost won had it not been for SuperStorm Sandy, and a few other delicate points. He said that the Republican platform is sound This from one of the Conservative Republican theorists. I humbly disagree. I think the Tea Party platform pulled Romney unnaturally to the right and the result was his loss.

 I wonder if a new Liberal Republican, in the old Rockefeller mold, wouldn't be more appropriate. One commentator said that the elephant in the room was George W. Bush. His politics, and policies still had an irritating echo, said the commentator. Obama may now get a chance to make Supreme Court appointments that may change the complexion of the  way the USA is headed. Curtailing the effect of SuperPacs, stopping them from donating a staggering $3 billion to the Presidential campaign, and another $3 on the Congressional and Senate campaigns. A new Supreme Court might
steer the US away from the Conservative and 'Neo-Con' attitudes. Time will tell.

The Tea Party is a disaster tearing apart the fabric of America.The American public needs to tell  Fox News and any media enterprise that have become so bi-partisan that they nearly become seditious, and that these organizations, either slanted towards the  Republicans or Democrats, need to take a long hard look in the mirror.

The American public has to be made aware of the fact that ratings, and the money earned from them, drives the political opinions of these organizations, as much if not more than ideology. For America to work the Blues and the Reds have to forget the fringe ideology and unite for the common good. Reasonable men like Mitt Romney should be
able to run on their own agenda without inventing one that placates the radical extremists of the party.

While zealots steer the course of history, frequently, as the world has seen to its chagrin, that course often leads to disaster.

Moderation in all things, as the Preacher stated in Ecclesiastes, is the wisest course.

And for those with nothing else to get them excited about other than fringe political issues, perhaps their lives would be fuller doing volunteer work that helps rebuild and improve rather than staking out positions that only divide and open up the door to conquerers.